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Daddy’s Little Girl

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

To all the men out there doing all you can to provide and cater for your family and being a spiritual covering, God bless you. To the moms who double  as dads, you are the real MVPs

In this post, I’m just going to share 2 or 3 things that have stood out for me in my relationship with my Dad and pivotal lessons from them.

  1.  “I love you”: Of course, growing up I knew and still know that my Dad loves me but the times my Dad started to say it more frequently,  it struck a chord! I didn’t even know that I needed that. Let me explain: so my dad says I love you baby and I was like wow! I don’t need any guy to tell me this and then make me wet my pillow later on (lol those who know, know 😉). I realized I had been carried away when guys told me “I love you” and added all those sweet nothings to it. It was validation for me yet it didn’t feel like the best kind of love but hearing  it over and over from my Dad and knowing it was pure love not interested in taking advantage of me was beautiful. Like BEYOOTIFUL! It gave me such a sense of security and worth that nah no man can come and be telling me story without showing me/surpassing this standard of love. Like boy bye! My daddy can do much more. Now in relation to God- isn’t that how He constantly shows us His love. Psalm 139 is one of my favorite psalm and it blows my mind the attention to detail that God pays to me and I revisit it to remind me I am loved, fearfully made and precious!
  • The snuggle: Most times when I’m with my Dad, I’m touching him like hands, head on shoulder, etc. I don’t even get it but I just want to snuggle😂😂. It’s like all my childish ‘mummy/daddy carry me’ come back (even as a lady who has lived over 2 decades), I still want to snuggle but here’s the deal, my father is ready lol. He doesn’t push me away or give me vibes of ‘wo omo yii fi mi le – like this child leave me alone’ It usually feels like he just had been waiting for me to come. Reminds me of the Father’s (God’s) arms being open to receiving me even when I don’t think I’m worth it. This chorus comes to mind ‘oh come to the altar, the father’s arms are open wide”

Before I leave,  I just want to admonish the young men out there, as you grow and start families, to take your place as Fathers. To nurture the young ones and not leave it to the mothers. To be there for your kids, tell your daughters how much they mean to you- start early. Teach your sons to pray,  to cook, to be kind. Rise up as fathers, you have way too much responsibility to be doing anyhow.  Step up to your God ordained position, read and learn and help to raise more secure men and emotionally stable families.

God bless you.


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Let’s not be too Spiritual

Happy New Month! I am just going to dive straight into this matter. All protocols duly observed 😊

A number of times, most often among Christians, I have heard statements along the lines of “Let’s not be too spiritual”, “Let’s leave bible out of it and talk real talk”, “don’t be too spirikoko”, “sorry to be too spiritual” and the likes. Oh! you bet I have said some of them myself. Anyway, I started to think about these statements and what they meant. Here is kind of how my thought process went- “So I am here praying constantly that Lord I want to be led by you, I want to walk in your ways, I want to please you etc. I am saying Lord I want your word to govern every decision I make yet in a Christian gathering I am saying leave the bible aside.”

That definitely struck a chord because there was no alignment between what I was praying for and what I was using my mouth to say, especially if I believe that the bible contains instructions for righteousness (2 Timothy 3 vs 16-17).

Okay pause, and go back to the title and the 2nd paragraph and really think about it.

I recognized that lots of people including myself said these statements so casually and people would laugh and have the faces/remarks of “not everything bible” but I find that these statements could be misleading.

Okay before you start to roll your eyes because you are on this table I am shaking – let me explain

“For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

Romans 8 vs 6 KJV

I think the phrases mentioned above are not used appropriately.  I have noticed a few times that people say those statements when they want to address issue(s) in a practical and relatable way. Now I feel the idea that people have in their head when they say spiritual is like the pharisee’s religious characteristics, where they outwardly keep the rules but no heart circumcision. (Haha or where you don’t smile or laugh or even where you can’t ‘catch feelings’ because you are spiritual).

I will like to say here that being Spiritual does not mean you are not realistic or practical. It does not mean you do not acknowledge human feelings and emotions. It means you understand some tantrums the flesh can throw but you know fully well you are a spirit being, that God’s word addresses every area of your life and you are governed by whatever His Word says!

For example, let’s address the question of if it advisable for 2 people who are attracted to each other to stay in secluded areas? [This is my analysis; Like you are attracted to someone and you both are tongue-speaking, demon-chasing individuals but the two both of you are in a secluded area?! Sis or Bro na lie you both cannot kill any demon at that time.] Answer is NO. Your emotions will fly, you will put yourself in a danger zone. This answer is scripturally founded and acknowledges the components of man as a physical being. See ehn, answering this question does not warrant a preamble of let’s not be too spiritual, neither does it leave the bible aside because Jesus tells us that if our right eye will cause us to sin, pluck it out (Matthew 5 vs 29).  The bible also tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5 vs 22, to flee from every appearance of evil (the appearance – not even actual full manifested evil) and that’s exactly what that answer tells you.

SO, a better way to frame your statement would be, rather than saying leaving the bible aside (which low-key sounds sensible and harmless but NOPE), say I will be very realistic and practical using scriptures. This helps your audience know that the Word of God is still very much your foundation and that it is applicable to real life issues.

Second reason for me would be to justify what we are ignorant of. To be honest, I have probably said those statements to justify my thoughts and opinions not rooted in God’s word and boy it felt good but when Jesus checks you, you say Yes sir!

In summary, I am saying don’t apologize for bringing in scripture when you need to say something, don’t say let’s leave the bible because that’s what you are supposed to live by. That’s really what governs our lives as Christians. So own it! May Jesus help us!

With love,


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Let’s Celebrate Love :)

Hey people!

Happy New month!

It’s February a.k.a Valentine’s month a.k.a love month a.k.a let’s take a break or let’s get married month (okay just kidding about the last one).

I am inspired to talk about 4 marriages for the 4 Mondays in February that I admire and share my whys. So let’s tag the posts in the series #MarriageMonday, shall we? (hopefully this gets posted before 12 a.m Regina time)

First on the list is……….. (drum roll)

Pastor Nomthi and Pastor Taiwo Odukoya!

This should lead to you to a summarized version of how they met http://www.informationng.com/2016/06/7-years-after-pastor-taiwo-nomthi-odukoya-pictured-in-new-photo.html

So Pastor Taiwo got married to pastor Nomthi, who had never been married, after he lost his first wife – Pastor Bimbo Odukoya (bless her soul).

Two things stand out for me

How pastor Nomthi is her own person and not pressure or maybe might have been but has understood she does not need to fit into pastor Bimbo’s shoe for whatever reason. She gets to do life with pastor Taiwo in her (pastor Nomthi’s) element.

Second thing oh my she has embraced our Nigerian culture(oh yeah she is South African) and it’s awesome to see her just emanate such love and radiance and her husband beam with admiration

Here is a video of her on IG (spot pastor Taiwo), I grinned all through (actually what inspired the celebrating love series)


Summary: I just love how the fact that pastor Taiwo had been married before does not diminish their drive to intentionally love each other. I think it’s super beautiful.

It’s 12:10 a.m now, I am about to hit publish

P.s: 😦 I didn’t make it before 12 but next week I shall!

Have an amazing day!


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PEACE… #2019

Hey People,

So I remember a time last year 2018 where I thought God was in something I was involved in which by the way was a “killer stuff”, and the way I thought I had my own “confirmation” was peace! Haa! Peace.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7 ESV)

So I initially had unrest about this, talked myself into this decision and suddenly your girl had peace. Peace that was based on my emotion. Peace that I rationalized myself into! Oh sweet peace. Anyway made the decision and met myself in a tight corner. Thank God for mercy!

My lesson from this incident was there is a big difference between the peace God gives you and the one you give yourself because perhaps you want what God isn’t leading to, you do not trust God enough, you think you know better.

Now this is where I am going, of course peace about a decision or choice can be God’s way of speaking to you but personally I think if you have not learned to discern your emotion/feeling about anything versus God’s leading, then using peace as your yardstick may just be a very dicey road you are treading.

I encourage you to be certain the peace you are feeling is not from yourself but from God prior to making your decision, so you do not fall into error. Just read something few minutes before typing this up in the EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE (AMP featuring Joyce Meyer commentaries), under the life point section that “we can be led of the spirit through internal peace every day of our lives, but we do need to beware of false peace” that can come from excitement and desire to do something. Hence the need to double check and ensure it is God, not you. I pray God continues to help us on this journey

On a side note, my church’s theme for the year is Peace. John 14: 27 KJV

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

Anyway I am always like yeah Peace- chill, quiet, serene environment and then I listened to plus read pastor Debola Deji-Kurunmi’s prophetic outlook for 2019 and God said to her that His peace ( I am paraphrasing by the way) is commanding force, because to calm the storm, a greater force is required! It had never crossed my mind that way before

Lol okay, let me end my gist on peace. Wishing you all a peaceful 2019 .

With love,


p.s: I know I have been gone for like forever, I apologize. It’s a new year, let it go 🙂

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My Friend Slapped me…. #September30blogposts #post16

Hello Dear ******(insert your name)

As am typing this incident,I am just laughing at myself. What were we thinking then???!

So this one time in secondary school, one beautiful Saturday afternoon like that. We had finished eating lunch in the dining room and were now resting in the hostel and oh boy it was so hot.

My dear sister beside the window had the window closed and it was really hot (Nigeria’s heat does not have a rival yet). Continue reading “My Friend Slapped me…. #September30blogposts #post16”

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Athaliahs of Life. #September30blogposts #post14

Day 23, post 14??

Haba Temi, how farr na?

Sorry, I just got swamped with a lot. I am hoping to better manage my time.

Youth weekend was A-MA-MA-MA-MAZINNNNGGG! God is REAL

So, I am posting lessons from the sermon preached by Evang. Seun Jonathan and nope topic was not Athaliahs of life (haha),topic was THE KING IN ME SHALL REIGN!

Bible verse: 2 Kings 11 (open your bible o, I will wait). Walk with me, I am going somewhere. Continue reading “Athaliahs of Life. #September30blogposts #post14”

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Wisdom Nuggets for your FRIDAY #September30blogposts #post13


Someone likes to crush on worship leaders o! Today it’s Nathaniel Bassey…ghen ghen. I am smiling ear to ear like (you can fill in the gap) but his babe is lucky o I won’t even lie. I just find Pastor Nat so funny and he has so much wisdom, I just have to lean it. You should check out his IG page. I believe it’s nathanielblow.

So some of my fave wisdom nuggets from Nathaniel Bassey are based on relationships. Here are some he shared when he was talking about how he met his wife (I wonder why these stories never get old). I can’t transcribe everything  but  I will share few things in my own words

  1. He emphasized importance of letting go of past relationships and healing from the hurt genuinely. He said the healing process should not be bypassed because “hurting people hurt people”.[I hope you get it? :)]. He talked about finding healing in God and seeking to be a better version of yourself. Seeking to be better, not with the intention of *I will show them what they missed* o (please who pettiness epp??) but with the mind of Christ and dong it for yourself.
  2. Work on yourself. Ask yourself if you were in a relationship with yourself what would you like? what would you change? Give yourself a sincere appraisal.
  3. Be sure of God’s leading. Ask yourself if the likeness or thoughts of the person is because of proximity. If the person in question is away for 2years or more, like really distant from you and skype calls are insufficient, would you still love and stick to this person?
  4. Don’t play assistant Holy Ghost. Don’ drag God into the relationship. Don’t pick the girl or guy and start doing bible study and prayer together et al, then call it godly relationship, when you know for sure that God is not leading you there. Let Him confirm your thoughts before they become actions.
  5. Pray in the spirit. This flesh is weak. Your own understanding can be praying Lord let me and my ex come back together or Lord let sister so so so say yes to me, but as we no longer pray in our understanding, the spirit’s prayer can be “Father scatter any bond with this ex or remove any fleshy feeling for this person because it’s not your will”

I hope you picked up one or more lessons you can apply.

One other thing about Minister Nathaniel Basssey is his teaching on the importance of building character as God’s minister in addition to your skills and gifts. Be sure to submit to your spiritual authority and patiently learn under them, rather than wanting stardom immediately.

P.S Check out the pretty baby’s corner as well on his IG page.. LOL, you go laugh tire (as in you will laugh so hard) but still learn hard truths.

For the ladies

For the ladies

For the ladies

For the guys

For the guys

All screenshots from Nathaniel’s IG page.

P.P.S: I must complete this challenge o (pray for me)

With love,


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Help Me: I want to read! #September30blogposts #post11

I’m sure you are like what’s the deal here??! Thank you for stopping by again.

Has anyone else noticed that the reading culture is dying? It’s just sad… (Does anyone know where to get the left behind series). I have a lot of books to read outside school books and I really never find the time to do so. I really want to be able to get through at least a book per month regardless. Any suggestions and practical steps?? I really would appreciate it. I am tired of piling up books.

That’s all… Hahaha nothing deep. Please help a sister and possibly others. I don’t want to lose my reading culture.

Blogs you can read:


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The Power of Music #September30blogposts #post10

Hi Hi,

I was just thinking one day and I realized how essential the songs we listen to are. Actually everything we listen to, read and watch. Pretty much in one way or the other these stuffs leave an imprint on our minds and it’s super important to be able to filter what we let get into our mind. Continue reading “The Power of Music #September30blogposts #post10”

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Randomzzzz #September30blogposts #post8

No title o except if randomzzzz counts.

Saturday, one of my fave days because I get to not hurry out of my room in the morning.

I pretty much spent the day with fantabulous people and doing the make-up BTS for a show (now you know I am a free lance make-up artist, so patronize me). Anticipate Shine Regina with Teni. Me I can’t wait sha. (If you don’t know my love for Dr. Teni Araba yet, infact the entire family, where have you been?? lol) Continue reading “Randomzzzz #September30blogposts #post8”

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I am growing older…#September30blogposts #post7


So my initial topic was to be I am growing up then in my mind I am like but you are not growing any taller so growing up to where :D. For the record, I am the only one allowed to joke with myself like that so please don’t joke with myself as per height. Reminds me of what my second brother said to my third brother “you may be taller but I am older” (for his age then that line was siiick! as in too much wisdom at that age). Continue reading “I am growing older…#September30blogposts #post7”


Temi! Why are you even blogging? #September30blogposts #post3


It’s post number 3. Yay! On a side note, as I am typing this, I am sleepy but I don’t plan to miss any day again. So why did I start this blog?

Basically the night I decided I was going to start blogging, mehn I was down, I didn’t feel my life was going how I planned and I had to make a tough decision about switching courses. Continue reading “Temi! Why are you even blogging? #September30blogposts #post3”


IT WAS MY TURNING POINT…… #September30blogposts #post2

Hi Hi,

What was the turning point eh? (Eh is synonymous with the Nigerian “Abi”). We will get to it soon. Sorry I missed my second day 🙈🙈. I will do a 2 posts in one day to cover ( I don’t know what day yet).

It was January 2013, an anniversary in my A levels church then (Vine Branch, Apata in Ibadan) and oh boy Pastor Sola Kolade preached (btw, Pastor Dr. Sola is fine sha and a medical doctor, but moving on). Continue reading “IT WAS MY TURNING POINT…… #September30blogposts #post2”


September is HERE. #September30daybloggingchallenge Day1

Hey Guys 🙂

It’s September and it’s me, my aunt’s and my cousin’s birth month(last day, somewhat middle and first day respectively) and my parent’s anniversary month too and I am going to be blogging for 30 days straight (inspired by Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo). Check out http://www.eziaha.com. Do follow me on this journey. Continue reading “September is HERE. #September30daybloggingchallenge Day1”

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#MCM: Meet Glenn Barnes

“What???!, how can a guy sing so well and hit those high notes” were my thoughts the first time I heard Glenn sing.

Glenn Barnes has an amazing vocal dexterity and he sings with so much passion and energy. He truly has a heart for God and when he repeats a particular line of a song, the way the lyrics start to make sense, as in SINK IN, is TOTALLY beyond human reasoning. In addition to the above, Glenn is the Man/Minister crush because of his humble carriage and very infectious smile (although the pictures below are not doing enough justice to the sentence above). Continue reading “#MCM: Meet Glenn Barnes”


Are you causing God to be insulted?

Hellurrr Readers,

How y’all doing??! It’s your girl D-I-M-P-L-E-S. Okay 🙂  you can tell am just a little excited. I have something to share with you but first let me apologise for being off for so long (just in case you kept coming back to check).

So Here’s what I learnt recently (one of my friends says I love the book of Romans so much, oh well.. I guess)…Anyway Enjoy Continue reading “Are you causing God to be insulted?”